Friday Flashback: In Step

Let’s turn the dial back to the late 80’s with my first SRV album. Though the album was released in 1989, I didn’t actually purchase a copy until a decade later when I was in high school. I was six in 1989, so I wasn’t really buying too many albums, nor was Stevie Ray Vaughan even on my radar. At that point, I was more concerned with Tim Burton’s Batman and the soundtrack done by Prince. “Partyman” anyone? But that’s a completely different story for another day.

Anyway, I was first introduced to Mr. Stevie Ray Vaughan’s music by way of my brother. You either listen to your older siblings when they try to educate you on music, or you just don’t care. For the most part, I listened. Side note, my education on SRV was as much about Fender Stratocasters as it was in his music.  I don’t really have any big memories surrounding picking this album and honestly I’m not sure why I even picked it. He does look like a badass on the cover though. I don’t even remember what my brother had, but I want to say at least one was Texas Flood. Either way, I liked the music and decided it was something my music collection could use.

One thing this album does remind me of is working weekend mornings throughout high school at my family’s deli/grocery corner store. There were many an early Sunday morning that I can remember blasting “Crossfire”  and the rest of the album as I put Sunday newspapers together while still half asleep. It was also a more “store friendly” album that I could play while working compared to some other things I was listening to.

I went on to pick up Texas Flood myself, but I’ll count In Step as special since it was my first SRV purchase. Even though I have no idea why I picked it. I listened to the whole album through today and just felt generally good about listening to SRV kill it. So, on that note, I’ll leave you with a few other tunes from the album. You can also check out the whole thing on Spotify, here.


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