Hey, Listen!: Double Dragon Neon

Do you need a little boost this Monday? Are you a fan of video game music? Did you love Double Dragon back in the day? Are you fond of cheesy 80s synth music? Do you just want something new and different to check out? If you answered yes to any of those questions, maybe check out the Double Dragon Neon soundtrack here.

The game is basically Double Dragon re-imagined and updated. What’s great is that they kept the original music in tact with some updated versions. There’s some new stuff too, but all quite fun. There was definitely a lot of nostalgia for me when playing the game and hearing the music, so I knew I needed the soundtrack. “City Streets 2” got really stuck in my head. It screams 80s cheese to me, and I kinda love it. Here’s a little taste.

Title Theme

City Streets 1 ( Double Dragon 1 – Mission 1)

 City Streets 2 ( Mango Tango – Neon Jungle )


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