Friday Flashback: Performance and Cocktails

Performance and CocktalisToday we journey back to the year 1999 when Stereophonics released their album, Performance and Cocktails. I was reminded of an album from my past that I quite loved when watching some back episodes of Nevermind the Buzzcocks. Noel Fielding and Sean Paul did the intro for “Pick a Part That’s New” and afterwards Noel referred to Kelly from Stereophonics as looking “like a hobbit in a leather jacket”. See that bit here. Anyways, Performance and Cocktails is an album I’m quite familiar with. It came out when I was in high school and got heavy play and subsequently made it onto a few mixes I made for people.

I remember learning about the band from my friend who let me hear their previous album, Word Gets Around, which is quite good too. I listened to them both again this week and they still hold up for me. They continued to make music, but it was one of those bands I failed to keep up with. I may give a listen to some of their later stuff, but this is a flashback so let’s get back to the past.

“Hurry Up and Wait” is a slow paced tune that is still my favorite on the album. I also used it in a talk I did in high school too.

Here’s “Pick a Part That’s New” that Noel and friendlier Mr. T tried to convey in the intros round.

You could have it all if you like.

I think we’ll end with something slow in “Just Looking”. Remember when bands made this many music videos for songs on their albums?

Anyway, happy Friday folks!


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