Friday Flashback: White Light, White Heat, White Trash

It’s time for more 90’s punk with Social Distortion’s White Light, White Heat, White Trash.

Since aurally digesting Social D’s earlier albums from my brother, this was my first purchase and ended up being a total staple in my Sgt. Slaughter high school daze. The band, in general, became a staple actually. I had the skeleton logo hanging in my locker and I’m pretty sure I drew that on the back of my notebooks when bored in class. I also had a habit of drawing on my hands sometimes and would spell out “LOVE” on my fingers like Mike Ness. And why not mimic Mike Ness? He was a badass and I totally wanted finger tattoos. Ultimately when deciding where to get tattooed years later, my fingers didn’t cross my mind. I also figured that might not go so well with my employer. Oh well.

Listening to this now, many years after I first popped it into my Discman, it absolutely holds up and feels just like an old friend that I catch up with every time I hear it. And now let me share, with you, some of my favorite tracks. Happy Friday folks!

“Through These Eyes”

“Don’t Drag Me Down”

“When The Angels Sing”


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