10 in ’13: 5-1

Time for the second half of my favorites list. (For the first half, see here.)

The Bronx5. The Bronx (IV) The Bronx

As much as I loved and appreciated Mariachi El Bronx, I’m glad to have a straight up rock release. Fast paced and punchy with some catchy hooks make for a great return to form.

Favortes: “Ribcage”, ‘Too Many Devils”

4. The Next Day – David Bowie

Bowie is Bowie and I’d listen to it either way, but I was happily not disappointed. Not for everyone and anyone can find something to not like about anything, it’s best to just sit back and enjoy it.

Favorites: “I’d Rather Be High”, “Valentine’s Day”

3. Young Legs – Anthony Green

Nice and polished under AG’s familiar voice, Young Legs offers up tight song writing with a piano heavy touch.

Favorites: “100 Steps”, “When You Sang To Me”

2. Trouble Will Find Me The National

I love The National’s brand of “horny and depressed” (as the Portuguese describe it) music. Just what I look for when I listen to them. This delivers.

Favorites: “Sea of Love”, “Graceless”

1. AM Arctic Monkeys

Front to back, AM is a slick rock record. A little moody, quite sexy, and just the right amount of attitude.

Favorites: “Knee Socks”, “#1 Party Anthem”


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